mardi, août 31, 2004

CompUSA can suck my cock

Breakfast - 6oz yogurt/apple Lunch - Ham Sandwich/Apple/Baked Doritos

Talked to Kevin at work this morning about checking out his church. It seems like a very cool place for support and fellowship. He's such a great person and I love to hear about the way he met his wife and how they live. It's such an inspiring/supportive situation.

I told him a little about some relationship things and that I feel like I need a little more guidance. He is going to connect me with some of the women at his church, one of which goes to EMU, also.

Speaking of EMU.. class starts tomorrow. I signed up for Political Science in addition to my Music and French classes. I think that this semester will be a really good time to take this kind of class.

My school schedule is:

Sept 1 - Dec 18
Monday: French 10-10:50 Piano 12-12:50 Music Theory 2-2:50

Tuesday: French 10-10:50 Aural Skills 2-2:50 Univ Choir 3 - 4:10 Political Science 7:15-9:55

Wednesday French 10-10:50 Piano 12-12:50 Music Theory 2-2:50 Univ Choir 3 - 4:10

Thursday French 10-10:50 Music Lit 12-12:50 Aural Skills 2-2:50 Univ Choir 3 - 4:10

Friday French 10-10:50 Piano 12-12:50 Music Theory 2-2:50

My work schedule is:

Monday: 3-9
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 3-9
Saturday: 9-5
Sunday: 9-5

Tonight, Forrest and TAM will be over for the cabling, and we will probably have Chinese. It will be really nice to see TAM again. I still haven't met Julie. Maybe sometime after school starts and things are into more of a routine.

OK-- I am at work and need to get back to it. I am so glad to be journaling again!! It really helps me hold things together. Sheesh.. more on that later.. I've gotta work!

It's dangerous having Internet access at work... I will make journal entries all day long.
Newest Outrage
I had to return a networking component to CompUSA today because it didn't work with my Wireless Router. Look at their return policy:
It cost me 15.00 to return this part!! I don't even make that in an hour!

lundi, août 30, 2004

Can't I write more than this?

Breakfast - Apple/Yogurt Lunch - Sandwich/Baked Doritos/Apple Dinner - Subway

I went to dinner with Marilyn. It was nice to talk to someone else about things that have been going on. On the brighter side, TAM and Forrest are coming over tomorrow to help me run CAT5 down here to get the internet working better.

Work is going great. It was really busy today. I am looking forward to working there while I am in school. I hope that we are able to work something out the whole time I am in school.

School starts the day after tomorrow!!!! I am soooo psyched!