lundi, novembre 29, 2004

Sugar and Spice...

My new niece arrived November 19th at 3:01PM! Here are pictures proudly taken by her Grandma Sue:

Samara Rose Priest

Proud Brother, Michael and Samara

dimanche, novembre 28, 2004

Je suis un porcelet

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Wafer, 6oz yogurt Lunch: Big salad

Ugh I am back in the land of 230. This isn't going to do.

samedi, novembre 27, 2004

Back in the Saddle againnnnnnn

Good pep talk, Tess... way to go.
First things first. Food diary - MUST WRITE DOWN WHAT I EAT!! Guidelines to my food life:
  • 3 meals a day
  • Nothing in between
  • No Fast Food

See? It's not that hard!! There's no quantities, no real restrictions... it worked so well for me alllllll year.... so, regardless of the quality of food, which has been horrendous lately, (nutrition-wise and diet-wise, certainly not taste-wise) here is today's entry:

Breakfast -(cringe) peanut butter wafers (2 packs) and water Lunch: 3 slices of Spicy Mediterranean Pizza, Dinner: Tacos (2 soft, 1 hard and the remains of the cottage cheese.)

Personally, I hated writing that... because I know that 2 packs of those wafers are well over 800 calories and that I shouldn't eat again the rest of the day. Guess what... I am having leftover pizza for lunch! Why? I am out of control. So... to get back on track, I can't give myself a hard time about what I am eating during my meals and just get back to eating set meals in the first place. I have been snacking a great deal lately. Like my old boss, Dean, always told me: "The Devil is in the Details." All these little treats do not satisfy any hunger and I forget them as soon as I eat them. I am just not a person who can snack. Period. I MUST get back on a schedule. My health depends on it.

mardi, novembre 23, 2004

Turning Frenchinese


I was talking to my French professor about my aspirations to become a french professor myself. He recommended that I attend an immersion program in France or Montreal. I looked up programs and was really excited to find some cool places and the prices aren't terrible. I would live with a host family and get 4 lessons a day. I think I would prefer to take the 4 week course rather than the 2 week one. Even better, I have enough frequent flier miles to cover the airfare. I have enough in savings to cover the cost, but I am not sure when I would go. This is the link to the site:

Study Abroad in Montreal School is over Winter Semester on 4/26/05. There is a session that starts on May 9th and costs $2160 for 4 weeks plus airfare. This includes materials and accomodations with a host family with half board. I may even have enough left of my student loan money to swing it for spring semester. :)
Other Options...
Lausanne Switzerland 4 weeks including the same things : $2490
Paris: $2730
Since I am also planning to minor in Spanish, I looked up Costa Rica. What a bargain!
Costa Rica: $1480 Of course, there are several more options for Spanish immersion programs than for French.

lundi, novembre 15, 2004

oooh online quizzes mmmmmm

Oh how I enjoy the nearly tasty goodness of online quizzes... and how neatly do they fill my blog and make it look like I have posted something:

French Guard
I'm French! Why do think I have this outrageous
accent, you silly king-a?!

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

I am not an asshole or a bitch, more like an asshole and bitch target. I have no backbone, and fold at even a slightly insincere look. I need to stop crying, I am such a wuss.

I need to step away from the tie-dye. I smell too good to be a hippie and my dad is probably a cop. Being a hippie is not a fashion craze, man. It was a way of life, in the 60’s, man.

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

I want to be evil. I do evil things. But given the opportunity, and a darn good reason I may turn to the good side. Besides I am probably a miserable evil genius.

lundi, novembre 08, 2004

Registration, Yipppeee

I finally registered for next semester... nice schedule 9AM-12:15 M-F. Yay.

How sweet, my man has his own blog:

Jackie's Dad

dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

So you think you know me....

Take this quiz and see how well you know me:

Teresa Jo Dunn Quiz

Slacker is as Slacker does

So... I haven't posted anything of substance here in ages. Why is that? Am I not my usual pensive self? I think for the first time in a long time I am just content and happy. There's nothing to really complain about. No injustices are getting my tail feathers twisted nor are the adventures of my friends and family causing a great deal of mental unrest for me.

I am, however, looking forward to the end of this semester. Going back to college full time was a big awakening in regard to what I think I can do, schedule-wise and what I really am willing to do. My sleeping/eating/resting/working/studying patterns have mutated so many times that I should probably have a third eye and some gills by now. I hate the way that my day is all gapped up between classes. Saturdays and Sundays are the best mental days for me and they are the ones when I work the most. (8 straight hours at work vs. days during the week when I only have class for a couple of hours and work for about 4.) I am an orderly kind of girl and when my shit is thrown about my planner I get antsy.

I feel guilty that I haven't had a chance to organize my crap in the apartment. I am sure the Joe doesn't think I am lazy, etc... but I would like to pitch in and help. I can tell that he is like me in that clutter makes him feel "icky."

I am pretty excited that my parents are coming over tonight for dinner. As always, I am sure that Joe will make something DELICIOUS!

Friday, I am going with Forrest to see Bill Maher, so that should be fun and interesting.

While I am bored at work today, I may be forced to post more results from ONLINE QUIZZES!