dimanche, janvier 23, 2005

Cat got your tongue?

I know people look at my blog and yet, I never get comments... what's the deal?

vendredi, janvier 21, 2005

Sanity is sweet

Hooray, I today is my 5th day of abstinance. I am feeling physically so much better. This week, I've been to Jazzercise twice and to Curves 3 times. I will go again today and tomorrow I will go to both.

I've been going through that stage where I get very emotional, as I am prone to do when first entering back into abstinance. Things I would usually eat over are now things I have to either let go or deal with when that happen. Otherwise, they pile up and I get moody and I don't know why. This explains the general funk I've been in the past few days as well as when that happened while I was first in school. I don't know why I didn't notice it before.

lundi, janvier 17, 2005

Progress is so nice...

Now and then it's nice to look back and see where you've come from. Just last November, I was a size 22... now I am a 16. This is my friend, Zerlina,and I at a work picnic where I wasn't even at my largest. Notice how I try to hide behind her!

This is me in December of 2001 when I went to the Bahamas with Dima. Lucky for me, they love big girls there! Holy crap, I'd actually lost my waist!!!

Everybody loves a baby in a hat

My niece, Samara on New Year's Day in the cute little outfit I got her for Christmas. The hat seems a bit big, looks like she's about to go play golf or sell you a newspaper... "read allll abouuuuut itttttt!"

Just now putting up the christmas pictures!!

These are pictures from Christmas Day when I went to my Dad and Sue's. Doesn't she have a gorgeous tree? I was very excited to get a cookbook. No, really! I'm all little miss domesticated these days! :) I've used it several times since receiving, too. Thanks Santa Claus!!

What a good lookin' man! See where I get my looks? ;)

These genes...

My senior picture - circa 1990

I come from a long line of pretty women. ;)

I know it's not a great scan, but this is a picture of my Mom when she was a senior in High School (1970):

And here's her mother, my Grandma Moore (sorry, took a picture of a picture and the flash made a big white spot in the middle:

My nephew the photographer

When I went up to Traverse City for the birth of my niece, I let my nephew, who is 9, run around with my digital camera. Check out this artistic shot he took... I think he was trying to see my tonsils. :)

dimanche, janvier 16, 2005


I finally went to an OA meeting tonight. It was one online. Tomorrow, Joe and I start our food plan. He asked for my help. I am so grateful that God brought me back to program this way. I've missed the serenity I had when I was abstinate from food. (Binges, planning/thinking about food constantly)

So... that's it for this post. Me... feeling good. :)

dimanche, janvier 09, 2005

11. Learn Spanish

Progress report on 101 things to do in 1001 days!

My Spanish class started last Wednesday. The teacher, Mr. Gomez is quite a character. The other day I was commenting to Joe that the type of people who take Spanish appear to be quite different from those taking French. These seem to be more of the "just meeting the curriculum requirement" kind of folks. After a very serious "responsibility" speech from the professor on the first day, several dropped. Only a third of the students had even bought their books by the third day. At least I know the class should move slow enough for me. :)

17. Crochet a blanket for Samara

Progress report on 101 things to do in 1001 days!

Got started on this before Christmas, but then ran out of yarn. I am a little disheartened, though. When I saw my sister at New Year's, about 5 people had already made her baby blankets. Oh well... I guess you can never have too many, as baby spit-up is abundant.

46. Make one new dessert recipe a month

Progress Report on 101 things to do in 1001 days!
If anyone has any recipes to share, please feel free to leave me a comment!
Butterscotch Pie
This is just cook and serve butterscotch pudding in a pie shell. Joe's mom told me how to make it since it is one of his favorites. When I was baking the empty shell, I didn't know to poke holes in it with a fork first, so the dough collapsed into the pie pan and I had to start over. I did the second one right (Joe told me how) and the pie turned out well.

65. Quit my job

Progress Report on 101 things to do in 1001 days!
I didn't have to quit. :) The contract ran out early. I would take it personally, but it ran out early for the other guy who was making the higher hourly wage, too. I have been perusing the want ads for a part time job that would be worth my time and interesting, but I am in no big hurry. There was one for shoveling snow... That would help get me in shape. :) However, 2AM on a school night? Yeah.. right.

50. Kiss Joe on New Years Eve 2005

Progress Report on 101 things to do in 1001 days!
So.. one item foiled...

On my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, number 50 was to kiss Joe on New Year's Eve. He was sick and at home. I was at my Dad's. So my New Year's Eve kiss was from my step-mother on the cheek. Better luck next year!