vendredi, avril 29, 2005

Right! Back to it!

Holy Guacamole!

It's been a crazy crazy time in my life! I am currently in exile in Leslie MI. Actually, I am staying with my parents until I leave for Quebec on Sunday. As of Friday the 22, I was officially OUT of the Cacioppo nightmare!! Hoooray! I have put many of my things in my Dad's barn and the ones that need to be out of the heat/cold of outdoors are in a storage facility near campus. Through the gracious intervention of his mother, I've received the money Joe hadn't paid toward the credit card (well, 95%) and I am now back to being a responsible unemployed person. :) I guess you can say being a student is my job. I had a great experience with Kelly Services during this fiasco. They were able to place me on a second shift M-F 3-11 kind of thing and it was very stress free, casual dress at ProQuest in Ann Arbor. I am incredibly grateful to Mike and Shirley there as well as Pow for their understanding during my extrication from my mess.

Additionally, I learned so much during this experience. I am not bitter or angry at Joe. I feel really awful for him. I hope he gets help, because inside, he really is a beautful man with so much love to give. I am not sure what happened. After talking to his mom for hours (and she's a fantastic woman with a compassionate heart and soul), it doesn't seem like his other siblings have the same issues as he does. Poor Joe... he's really suffering. I had to protect myself, but I can't help but pity someone who acts as he does. So... that chapter of my life is essentially over and I am none the worse for wear. It really helped me to have a better sense of self as well as find strength I didn't know I had. The hardest part was keeping up on school. However, I was lucky to be in classes that I loved. Here's the verdict of Winter Semester 2005:

Appl Music Voice
Int French Reading
Intermediate French
Beginning Spanish

That brings my cumulative GPA to 3.7... Pas mal, n'est-ce pas?

I am thinking of taking a trip for spanish sometime during spring semester as well to get a jump on my spanish minor. (or possibly double major) Guatemala is looking the most affordable, program-wise... just the airfare is a killer!

I've been listening to many books on CD these days, a habit I picked up while I was working at ProQuest. (The computer work was very tedious and we were allowed to listen to headphones while working.) The first one was "He's just not that into you" It was funny, but made good points and was a good primer for getting back into the dating world. Obviously, the date I went on Friday night (yes.. already!) was created just to make that point. The guy was gaga over me the weeks before we met. (Yes... an internet date, ) He was very polite and seemed to be very open to talking about emotions, etc... However, my sirens went off when he would talk about going to the gym and running. He's lean... I am guessing that he doesn't understand how a person could ever possibly have a weight problem. However, I thought that was my paranoia talking, and that he had chosen to write to ME... so I should just get over it. We met in Ann Arbor at Miki.... very nice restaurant, btw. Things were pleasant enough, but he seemed distracted. It felt kind of like a business meeting. He was still in his work clothes, which were miles nicer than my student garb. (Even though I was in jeans, I'd worn nice accessories, done my hair, wore high heel sandals, etc.. and I'd told him this would be the case, as I AM a college student after all) I didn't feel underdressed until he said something like. "Oh, sorry I am so dressed up, I had to come straight from work." Anyway... I chalked up the occasional stare into space or awkward silence to the possibility that he might be nervous. That sometimes happens when guys who like me take me out. We went to get hot chocolate after, talked for a while, but he kept yawning. It was barely after 9 when I suggested that we call it a night, as he seems tired and he was supposed to be running a race the next day. He looked suprised, but said, oh.. yes.. yes.. you are right, then asked to walk me to my car. More talking, a hug or two, then he asked if he could call me Sunday. I said I'd really like that... again, I was chalking up the stiffness to nervous energy. He didn't call.

Monday, I got an email saying that he had a great time, but he'd been seeing a different girl and that they went out on Saturday night and he just thinks he likes her and won't be dating. That was their 5th date. Why the heck did he ask me out in the first place? Anyway... I am chalking it up to "no chemistry" and moving on. Well... not really MOVING ON to another date... just past the experience. I think I am good and well done with the internet dating thing. I am so great on paper... on the phone (and I think, in person) but all that stress of meeting after they have created their own image in their mind is never a good thing. I've honestly met some of my dearest and most loyal friends as internet dates... but I think the man for me, if there is one, is going to come about the old fashioned person!

Speaking of those people.... Darren... are you still reading this blog? Say hey to Jill and send me your new address so you can get goodies from Quebec!

OK... I am off to buy a "Michgan" present for the host family I am staying with. Just a little token of appreciation... as if the money weren't enough. ;)