jeudi, juin 23, 2005

The only man in my life has moved in with my Mother!

Malheurheursement, I am unable to have Willis at the new apartment and he has continued his stay at my mother's. Lucky guy, there's another kitten there and they have become friends. Here's my last picture of Willis just before I went to Quebec.

Host Family - Quebec

Here are the nice people who shared their home with me for the month of May in Quebec City!
From left to right: M. Poulin, ME, Randy (a University Student at Laval from Maine), and Mme. Gamauche

mercredi, juin 22, 2005

Livin' down the street from the big Phallus o' Ypsi

I bet you thought I'd gone missing. huh? Not a chance! I am still in the process of obtaining dependable internet access, rather than just the time that I sneak while working my various temp jobs.

Things, as always are in flux... but I wouldn't have it any other way! I've moved to Ypsilanti. I found a great roommate who I hardly ever see. In fact, he is going to be on a trip all summer! I can walk to school and hopefully to work once I find it.