dimanche, août 28, 2005

Naughty Girl

I deserve to be punished... really I do... I haven't posted to this blog in nearly a month. That doesn't mean that nothing has happened.... certainly many things have.

I've dipped my big toe in the icy waters of the dating pool... and brr. You know... I am just feeling that way because I had a cruddy date yesterday. He asked me if I would write about him on this blog... and you know... this is all the acknowledgement he deserves. There's a thing called "tact." and I will leave it at that.

I finished summer semester, hooray for the big B+.

Classes start on the 7th. I will be taking the following courses:

Campaigns and Elections
Political Science
Eric S Kos eric.kos@emich.edu

Democracy and Power
Political Science
Eric S Kos eric.kos@emich.edu

French Composition
Foreign Lang/Bicult Studies
Genevieve Marie Peden gpeden@emich.edu

Survey French Literature
Foreign Lang/Bicult Studies
John Sanford Dugan jdugan@emich.edu

Also, I started working part time taking care of the Elderly for a company called Home Instead and for FedEx as a package handler.

Thankfully, the elderly care is ending next week. However, I will be a tutor at Eastern in English and French! Cool, eh?

OK.. that's the skinny on the fatty...later.

mardi, août 02, 2005

When it rains it pours

Breakfast - Life Cereal Lunch - Salad
I have been interviewing and sending out resumes since the day I moved here to Ypsilanti. Today I went on an interview for an admin asst. position in the technology dept at EMU. They practically offered me the job... however... I got a call from FedEx today with an offer for THAT job, which of course, I took. So... I today I had to call the Senior Care company I've been working for and let them know that I can only work on the weekends. Also, I had to send emails to all the other places that I had interviews scheduled with to let them know that I am no longer available. Pray for me that this all works out and that I make the right choices!

lundi, août 01, 2005

Oh... look, I have a Blog

Breakfast - Life Cereal Lunch - Salad Dinner - Cubed Steak and Corn

I've been catching up on sleep since I did that server install. I'll try to get better at posting here!