mercredi, juillet 25, 2007

Aunt Teresa Rules!

Breakfast - Bowl of "Smart Start" a few cherries

I picked up Michael yesterday and we had KFC for dinner. Good work, that goes well with the chinese I had for lunch.

Anyway, he seems excited by the prospect of earning some money doing chores. However, he has yet to do any! I feel bad having him sleep on the living room floor in a sleeping bag, but I guess it isn't that bad. I had to do worse camping when I was his age!

He has enjoyed running around campus. I let him get a little tour with Edward, our student assistant. Now he is at the student center picking up our lunch. I gave him a 20.00 bill we will see what I get back.

He just got back. He got himself KFC AND Subway! I guess growing boys are hungry.

mardi, juillet 24, 2007


Breakfast: BEC Biscuit, Hashbrowns

So yesterday I went on my walk with Stacy at County Farm Park, which was very nice. I am very fortunate to have such a tenacious friend who helps to dislodge me from my mundane, sedentary existence. She suggested that I start going to trivia with her husband, Dave, on Monday nights, so I rearranged some things and am going to make that happen. It should be fun.

Tonight after work I am running out to Mason to pick up Michael. He is staying with me until Sunday night. We should have a good time. Nothing makes you feel better than hanging out with someone who just loves you for being you. (Aunt Teresa is my favorite persona!)

I talked to Jill for a while last night as well. Again, I am really lucky to have her as a friend. We have been through so much in these last 6 years. I have seen her grow and go through some life altering events. She has helped me through the same. I just wish we could both be in Jazzercise together again!! I need to find a copy of Ave Maria so that I can sing it at her wedding. I am sure it will be beautiful. I love that she asked me to sing. It will be the first time that someone has asked me to do something like that even though for all these years people always said I sing well. Leave it to Jill to have the confidence in me that others (including myself) do not.

My assignment this week is to write letters to my sister, Mom and Stepfather, saying exactly what I'd like to get off my chest even though they will never see the letters. It is similar to the "making amends" exercise I did while in OA. However, it is not me saying I am sorry, but rather expressing the anger and bad sentiment I carry around for my family. I suppose if I get it all out, I can maybe let it go. We will see.

Also, I am supposed to think of ways that I can start to like myself. This is really really hard. I don't like myself at all and just deciding to doesn't seem to do the trick. The little first steps are to compliment myself once each day, so here goes: I am a great teacher. I can explain anything in a way that someone else can understand it whether they have experience in the topic or not.

That wasn't too hard. :) However, my teaching ability isn't anything I have doubts about. We will see if I can regain confidence in other facets of my life.

lundi, juillet 23, 2007

This used to work, lets try it again

Breakfast - 1 Activa yogurt, pineapple
Lunch - BLT, Salt and Vinegar chips

So, long time no blog. A great deal changes in 2 years. I obviously gained about 40 pounds. I spent a school year in France. I almost never exercise. I binge from time to time. I have become an out and proud atheist. College is almost over. Only 2 more semesters left. Most of this stuff ends up on my website, which explains why the blog isn't up to date.

However, I think I would like to start blogging again. It was a good way to get out some stream of consciousness rambling, which may have helped me in the past.

I am still seeing the same guy who took me to see Al Gore speak about the time I stopped posting here before.

I am planning to go to graduate school after I finish my BA. Where? I haven't decided yet. I am currently studying for the GRE in preparation to send in my applications.

Regardless... nice to see you again, blog. I promise to come back soon.